Speedcontrollers for Model-Aircrafts

- Speedy-2 6 - 10 Cells / 40 A
- Speedy-3 with optocoupler
- Speedy-BL controller for brushless and sensorless motors
- Mini-Contoller with BEC


cover Book Description
Twenty years after its first publication, this book continues to be regarded as the standard work on model aircraft, attracting worldwide interest and approval. This new edition includes new sections incorporating new research and developments in model flying practice. The book presents standard aerodynamic theory as it applies to model flight in a concise and practical form for enthusiasts wishing to better understand the behavior of their models in flight.
nd schematic diagrams.


If you need a simple Oscilloscope you can download Konstantin Zeldovich's Osc2.51;

- Dual trace digital storage oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer
- 20 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth
- 50 ms buffer length

System requirements:
- 80486 or higher PC running Windows95
- any sound card with drivers installed


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