Controller for brushless
and sensorless motors


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5 - 10 cells
8 - 10A

with active rpm control




















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  • 6 - 12 cells / 2 - 4 Lipos
  • 40A
  • BEC
  • Active rpm control
  • Car mode
  • Proportional brake
  • Active freeweehling
  • Updates via Internet available




Useable MOSFETs:
Si4430DY (4mr), IRF7455 (6,5mr), IRF7413 (11mr) , IRF7822 (5mr), SI4320DY (3,2mr)

12 pcs. for 25A (1 Powerboard)
24 pcs. for 40A (1 Powerboard)
48 pcs. for 70A (2 Powerboards)



6 - 18 cells
25 - 70A











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cover Book Description

Design reliable electronic controls for any motor application. If you design or test motor controls, count on the applications-focused Motor Control Electronics Handbook for the high-quality, hands-on help you need to work faster and smarter than ever. Richard Valentine's plain-English, state-of-the-art guide helps you design motor controls with microcontrollers and IGBT power devices... gives you an in-depth introduction to digital motor speed controls (with actual design examples and software...

Customer Review

Excellent book covering all aspects of motor control. This book did a very good job of covering control electronics, intermediate drive electronics and power devices. In addition it covered distributed drive controllers, sources of noise, and design principals. It had examples of a range of motor drive types including AC, DC PM, brushless, etc. It relied a little too much on Motorola parts but all in all it was an excellent book and a valuable resource.